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  • Vowels and Vowel Rules

    B:Alphabet vowel sounds
    Listen to the names of the English vowel letters.


    Sometimes vowel letters are pronounced like their letter names. These sounds are called the alphabet vowel sounds. The alphabet vowel sounds are pronounced with a small change in the sound ate the end. This change is called the off-glide

    E: Listening to alphabet vowel sounds

    Listen to the alphabet vowel sounds in these keywords.


     /e(y)/           /i(y)/            /a(y)/              /o(w)/             /u(w)/
     cake           tea               ice                cone              blue

    Note: In some words, the alphabet vowel sound for the letter -u- is pronounced /yu(w)/ , as in "cube" . The sound /u(w)/ as om "blue", however, is is more common. In this online course, the symbol /u(w)/ will be used for both these pronunciations.

    Listen to the alphabet vowel sounds in these other words. 

    /e(y)/            /i(y)/          /a(y)/      /o(w)/         /u(w)/
    mail              leaf            lime        phone         tune

    I: Relative vowel sounds 

    Vowel letters are not always pronounced with their alphabet vowel sounds. Often a vowel letter is pronounced with a relative vowel sound. This sound is related to the alphabet vowel sound, but it has a different sound and there is no off-glide.

     Listen to the relative vowel sounds in these key words. 

    /æ/       /           /I/       /a/          /

    pan         ten              is         top          cut

    Listen to the relative vowel sounds in these other words.

    /æ/           /            /I/          /a/          /

    back         jet             sip          lock        cup 
    fan           French        pin         pot          jump
    half           leg             kick        flock       fun
    clap          send           wrist      clock       gum

    J:Which word do you hear

    Listen. Mark the column for the word that is different. The word that is different has a relative vowel sound.

     Aid                  Add                Aid

    You will not see the words. Try to determine the relative vowel sound of each word above.


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